Storm Damage Louisiana
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Storm Damage Louisiana

Storm Damage Louisiana

Homeowners’ first instinct after the storm damage is to call the insurance company, despite the undeniable despise of doing all the paperwork and wasting tonnes of hours. You want a roofing company that understands the filing process and establishes a process to get back all your compensation for the roofing repair or replacement. There are many advantages to calling a roofer before calling the insurance company, to help you understand the process, do the inspection first hand and send an accurate appraisal for the storm damage repair or replacement project.

How roofers work with insurance companies

Take detailed reports on hurricane damage repair.

Storm damage in Louisiana can cause a lot of different catastrophes depending on the wind strength, the amount of rainfall and snow, among other factors. All these pieces play a role in the amount of roof damage, so you must work with an expert who can work all the angles to create a detailed report.

Meet with the adjuster

The next step is to plan a meeting with the adjuster to examine the entire roof and determine the exact repair costs. Often, a roofer provides additional technical reasoning because they can work out an accurate estimate according to actual market trends and prices.

Negotiate with the roofing company

Good communication is the start of the negotiation about your property. We can help you communicate with the adjuster better because we know exactly what they are looking at and how best to adjust the terms to favour your compensation on the hurricane storm repair or replacement project.

Clear communication with the insurance company hits the depth of the negotiation because it includes vital details that make a difference in the compensation. When working with the adjuster, our goal is to favour our clients and help achieve a desirable outcome that covers the entire repair or replacement project.

Keep and provide a history of your roofing records

The insurance company will usually ask for a supporting roof to analyze the damage and ensure a smooth payment process. The roofer has a detailed technical report of the entire job and storm damage, so you should be able to get easy compensation. S

Our firm supports the entire process because we store documents, photos and videos of each client to provide the information with a few simple clicks. This entire arrangement has an easy claim strategy because all we have to do is push the information to the adjuster as soon as they need it.

Decide and file the insurance claim for hurricane home damage.

Filing a claim is not easy, and you often need a second technical opinion to help determine if the amount falls within the deductible amount. The insurance firm will use the statement to calculate upfront fees and assess that the report is accurate. Our roofing expert will properly know what needs repair or replacement and offer different options to move forward with the pay while containing your premium at reasonable prices.

We know you can call a trusted insurance company to evaluate your hail storm cleanup project, but we want you to know we have all the right assessment skills you need for a better deal. Contact us to discuss more or to get an estimate for your insurance.


Storm Damage Louisiana

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Storm Damage Louisiana

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